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Governing Board Policies are periodically reviewed and updated.  Please click the link below to review proposed changes.  Any person wishing to comment may send an email to [email protected]This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  .  


Governing Board Polices

Governing Board Parent Representatives

Parents, Guardians, and Community Stakeholders are encouraged to communicate with your school’s Governing Board Parent Representative with your concerns and/or comments regarding the City of Cape Coral Charter School Authority Governing Board activities, and/or the Oasis Charter Schools, in general.  Thank You

Oasis Elementary South

Parent Representative: Jose Soto

[email protected]

Oasis Elementary North

Parent Representative: Caroline Rouzeau

[email protected]

Oasis Middle School

Parent Representative: Gregor Schade 

[email protected]

Oasis High School

Parent Representative: Jennifer Hoagland, OHS SAC 

[email protected]